Sunday, October 17, 2010

Jones Falls

When we left Davis Lock, on our travels over the Thanksgiving weekend, it was well past lunch time and we were feeling rather peckish. The lockmaster at Davis Lock recommended we eat at the Hotel Kenney at Jones Falls Lock stations, about 20 minutes away, so we set off in that direction. Too bad we were 15 minutes late for lunch and the dining room was CLOSED! Groan. Next time we will make sure we are there before 2.
In spite of the growling hunger bears, we walked across the foot bridge by the Inn (seen to the left in the pic below)...
and toured the locks at Jones Falls. I don't think you get a true picture of the height of the third lock from the lake in the picture below, but it was a fair climb let me tell you.
We toured the grounds around the highest lock and greeted a few friends waiting for us there.
The two pictures below were taken off to the side of the third lock, looking back at Sand Lake.

We couldn't ignore the hunger bears any longer so we walked back to the car and set off for Westport for lunch. It is the pretty little town were D1 was married over six years ago. We stopped at the Cove Country Inn for some sustenance...
then toured the waterfront there before making tracks for home.

Mmmmm, great day!


Bernie said...

So enjoyed your photos today cuppa, glad you finally found some where to eat.....:-) Hugs

Lorna said...

I SO wish I hadn't looked at the photogallery for the Country Cove Inn and seen the room with the Jacuzzi!