Friday, October 29, 2010


AC had his camera over at the kid's place this week and I am just now catching up on all the pics he took while I was off doing other things. He has published most of them already, but here are a few more. I love this one of the Smudgster.
She is full of the imp though isn't she? She just has that glint in her eye in the picture below.
Jboy has that glint in his eye too. What a pair.
We had such nice weather this week that Buppa had them playing outside almost every afternoon. They have the whole big yard to play in, but where are they in the pic below? In the small space between the shed and the back fence.
I don't know who was the leader, but it looks like it was Jboy this time.


Lorna said...

Please send those kids to Charm School. Otherwise they have no hope of successful integration with the real world.

Bernie said...

I really like the first one but with your two it is hard to pick a favorite they are both so cute.
Happy Halloween.....:-) Hugs