Sunday, March 07, 2010

Visit to the Sugar Bush

Saturday dawned sunny and bright and as we sipped our morning coffee we wondered what to do with this most glorious day. I had a shopping list as long as my arm, but neither of us wanted to waste this sunshine in stores. We both wanted to see an Oscar nominated movie, but the one we wanted to see wasn't playing in our area, so we put a lid on that idea for an evening adventure. Hmmm, what to do?

AC happened upon the Temple's Sugar Bush web site and saw that the sap was running and the restaurant was open for business, so we grabbed our snow boots and warm coats and headed for the bush. We sure didn't need our warm coats, but boots were a must.
This restaurant sits on the edge of a 70 acre sugar bush and...
serves the most delicious meals laced with fresh maple syrup.
After our scrumpdelicous lunch we set off for a hike along the nature trail through the sugar bush.
The snow was deep, but the sunshine was bright and the air warm. An absolutely perfect day for a hike in the woods.
The trail was well marked and had a series of eleven little bridges along the path.
From the first little bridge we could look back and see the new restaurant beside the old original sugar shack used for boiling down the maple sap.
At one of the bridges I found this huge branch that Smudge would have loved to drag along the trail behind her. We must bring her the next time we come.
This little bench was still "knee deep" in snow, but AC and I enjoyed sitting on it and basked in the sunshine for quite a while.
We then continued on our walk along the snowy trail through the trees..
We didn't stop and rest in this chair, but found it a most interesting creation.
At the end of our walk we stopped at the restaurant and bought a maple treat to take home.


Bernie said...

Now I am lonesome for home (NB) as we went to the sugar camp every favorite, Maple Cream Brick Candy.....oh I can taste it now......:-) Hugs

Lorna said...

I am not a maple syrup fan, but i do love maple sugar and maple cream and maple fudge and .........

Cuppa said...

Bernie - Haven't ever had Maple Cream Brick candy, but it sounds marvellous.

Lorna - me too, me too!