Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Olympic Fever

When we are over at the kid's house babysitting we try not to have the TV on during the day, but we made an exception for the Olympics these past two weeks, and had it on EVERY day! Yes, we put the TV on in the background first thing in the morning and tried to catch re-runs of the late night events from the previous day while we munched our breakfast and sipped our morning coffee. Then during the afternoon hours we watched what we could of real time competition. I think Jboy caught the Olympic fever big time and might even have hopes of becoming a snowboarder like Alexandre Bilodeau or Jayse-Jay Anderson.
He has the goggles all figured out...
but the rest of his down-hill attire might need some fine tuning.
He was wondering if this head-gear would keep him air-bound for a little longer. Watch for him in a few years, and if you see this new and inventive addition to the snowboarder's crash helmets, just remember that you saw the gear here first!


Mary said...

HAHAHA! These pictures are too cute.

I totally hear you on having the t.v turned on all the time for the Olympics. They had me glued to the t.v whenever it was possible.

I love the Olympics so much and I'm so glad you guys enjoyed watching them too.

Hope you're all well.

Love to you all.

Bernie said...

Hey they just have to be moose antlers and he will be well dressed for the occasion. He really is a cutie.......:-0 Hugs

Cuppa said...

Mary - things seem rather dull right now with the Olympics over don't they? I guess things are gearing up for your trip though, so exciting times for you guys. We will be checking your blog for updates - ALL THE TIME!!!!

Bernie - Moose antlers. Yes, that's it!

Anonymous said...

I bet he will make it. He is getting good encouragement from The Grams to do most anything possible.