Thursday, March 04, 2010

Herding chickens!

Yes, that was what our last visit to the library was like...trying to herd chickens!!!!

Both Jboy and Smudge love to read books with Buppa and I at home.
We therefore thought it would be a treat and a breeze to take them both to the library. Buppa could tend to Smudge and I would sit and read with Jboy. Ha, ha, ha!
Jboy sat with a book for about two seconds, then followed his sister in a merry chase around the library.
Smudge went back and forth from the play kitchen area to the table and then headed out to the adult library to talk to the "lady" at the desk out there.
Jboy climbed on the chairs, on the tables, on the shelves, under the shelves, around the shelves and over every possible thing he could get on top of. There would be NO reading of books today thank you very much!
We stayed for about half an hour and that was all Buppa and I could handle of trying to herd chickens. Up, down, back, forth, round and round and round we went chasing the little munchkins while they had a merry old time.

Once we had them strapped into their car seats we breathed a deep sigh of relief and headed to Tim's for coffee. Don't they look innocent now?
Don't let them fool you.
Chickens I tell you, scrambling, rambling, running, dodging, climbing, dratted chickens - both of them!!!
I need to go have a nap now. ZZZZZZZ!


Bernie said...

Cuppa I so enjoyed this post and your trip to the library with the munchkins....they are absolutely wonderful. I understand why you needed a nap......:-) Hugs

Lorna said...

I liked it too---photos are adorable, especially of Buppa.