Thursday, September 18, 2008

Strange Fascination

Looks innocent enough doesn't it? Just a little girl sitting in a chair enjoying a cookie and a drink. Right?

Wrong! This chair had to placed on the floor right in front of the stove in the kitchen so Smudge could watch the oven!!! Go figure. She loves to watch the oven, and when something is actually in it, she diligently keeps track of the minutes on the digital timer.
I happened to be cooking muffins on this day, and she watched every minute tick by on the timer. As much as she loves to watch Elmo, he doesn't hold a candle to the oven and stove timer. Strange fascination indeed.


Donna said...

Hahaaaaaa.....You Never know What will "float their boat"!! Precious!hughugs

Jules said...

ha ha How cute is she? :)

Have a great weekend! Hopefully you're getting this wonderful weather that we are in SW Ontario!

Cuppa said...

Donna - it does make one laugh doesn't it?

Jules - you had me guessing for a minute or two. I wondered who Jules was.

We are getting the MOST spectacular weather today. We actually took a picnic lunch to the park. Yum!
It was pretty cold last night, but the day warmed up nicely in the afternoon and we took advantage of it.