Wednesday, September 17, 2008

First Day at Play School

It certainly looks like Smudge is excited about going to Playschool doesn't it?
She didn't even take time to remove her hat when we arrived. She went right over to the first play table and made friends right away.
She and her new friend met up in a couple of the play areas throughout the morning and seemed to have fun playing together. Here they are in the Doll House section. I think Smudge is making dinner while Lance checks out the appetizer.

Smudge soon moved on to the Truck and Block carpet to check things out there.

Then it was time to take a break in the Library corner.
Next stop was the Dress-up area. She quite liked this Viking hat.
Oh boy, the painting table. Let's see what it feels like to get my hands in this paint. Maybe a taste is in order too. I don't think you would like the taste of that paint Smudge. It is a mixture of shaving cream and paint. Yuck!

There were lots of activities to keep her interest, but her favorite thing to do during her first morning at Playschool push a little plastic chair around. Yep, she pushed this chair up and down and up and down and round, and round and round.
She was one tired baby when we got home from her first day at Playschool. Grandma was tired too as I followed her up and down and round and round and round.


Mary said...

wow, i can't believe how quickly she is growing. play school looks like a blast!

Jules said...

Play school looks like a lot of fun!! I took the girls to a play group last Wednesday morning in our subdivision but it was just so busy. There was honestly 100 people there - too many to try and keep track of my 2 year old in addition to keeping my 8 month old entertained! ha ha However, play school looks great - just the right amount of kids!

Why is it that kids love chairs or boxes when they have all sorts of fun toys around them? :)

Cuppa said...

Marm - I know. You have to come home for a hug soon!

R&N's Mommy - That chair was the 'toy of the day' that is for sure.

I went to another play session yesterday and it was crowded beyond words, so I don't think I will go to that location again. The Tuesday/Thursday venue was a lot bigger and had fewer kids, so I think I will go back to that one next week. I am still checking other programs out though.

This playgroup is part of the Ontario Early Years program so it is free, but I was surprised to see that there was no structure to it at all. Toys and things were put out, but the kids just ran free. I didn't like that aspect of it, but Smudge loved being with the other kids, and the music time at the end, so I will go back even if just for that.

Onward and forward into this learning experience with this most amazing grand baby.