Monday, September 29, 2008

Wish Come True

AC and I have driven by this Church/house many times, and every time we do I wish I could go inside and have a look around. Well, this past weekend my wish came true, as this house was one of the heritage buildings on the Open Door Tour in our area. About twenty different homes, churches, museums and galleries were on the tour, and we visited many of them, but this was our first stop. I could hardly wait to get inside and check it out.
Doesn't it look delightful? It was built in 1888 and was a Methodist circuit church until 1925, when it became a United church. In 1958 it was decommissioned and sold to a group with plans to turn it into a theater. Those plans fell through and the building sat empty until 1967 when it was sold to the Box family, who turned it into a home. In 1975 it again changed hands and has been in the Houlahan family since then. It is now up for sale again. Oh wouldn't I love to buy it!!!

The picture below shows a view from the inside, of the window you see to the right of the tree in the first picture. The smaller window on the far right of the first picture is the kitchen window.

Below is a view of the Great Room taken from the loft. The stained glass window in the above picture, is to the left of the fireplace you see in this picture. The loft goes all the way across the opposite wall from this window, and along one side of the room. It would be a great area for an artist studio, den, office, family room. The original stained glass windows area absolutely magnificent and the rooms are full of light. I loved this house, and it is for sale! Oh my, wouldn't I love to buy it!
The fireplace in the above picture was made with the stones from the original church spire which was taken down when the church first became a residence. The bell tower still stands though, and has one working bell in it. How neat is that? The wide-board wooden floors as well as the wainscoting are original to the church.

The next two pictures were taken from the loft to show you the wrought iron and wooden pew ends used to construct the stairs and the unique balustrade around the loft.

The picture below was taken from the Great Room, looking up at the loft. It is not the greatest view of the loft, but you can see the unique design of the balustrade.

The last two pictures are a view from the front door, and across the river from the Church/house.

Wouldn't I love to buy this house? Yes! Yes! Yes! I would have to win the lottery first though. One can always hope and dream, and I will do just that.

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