Saturday, September 06, 2008

How could I miss it?

I don't know if you can see it from this picture or not, but this is a rather deep and wide hole. I would say it is about 3 feet wide and almost as deep.
On the night of the wedding reception, after a few glasses of wine, and all dressed in my party finery, I went for a walk outside the tent to take in the cool night air. I wandered over to a dark corner of the yard, and yep, I fell kerplop in this hole. I didn't do it daintily either. I dipped my right foot in, slipped down the edge, tried to catch my balance, over corrected, nosed forward, rolled over and ended up on my back staring up at the stars. AC was walking beside me and didn't know what the heck was happening when I dipped out of sight. He tried to grab me, but each time he tried, I lurched off in another direction, and both of us ended up doing this rather hilarious dance. If I had seen me fall I would have been doubled over in gales of laughter I am sure. To his credit, AC didn't laugh at all. I sure did though.

In the dark I couldn't see what I had fallen into, so we went out the next morning and took this picture. On seeing how big the hole was, I was amazed that both of us didn't fall into it never to be seen again. Luckily I escaped without a twisted or broken anything. Thank goodness! A sore hip and nasty bruise on my knee were the only gifts of the fall. Oh, and plenty of laughter even after the fact. I am giggling about it again now. It was a spectacular fall, it really was. Chortle, guffaw, gasp.


Donna said...

You were SO lucky to have found your way out of that one without a twisted...something! Rest easy!hughugs

Cuppa said...

Donna - thanks for the hugs. I know I was lucky not to do more damage on that fall. It was a flying, twisting, landing with a thud one. What a hoot!