Saturday, June 21, 2014

Photo adventure

After our busy weekend with the kids last week, we were more than ready for a quiet adventure in the country, so Thursday morning we packed up the car and headed to Wheeler's Pancake house for brunch. 
We sat at our favorite table by the window and enjoyed the view while we chowed down on pancakes and fresh maple syrup.  Yum!

We weren't the only people there, but almost.  We have seen people lined up outside the door waiting to get in, but not on this day.  It was a quiet Thursday morning, and we enjoyed having the room almost to ourselves.
After lunch we set off for Purdon Conservation Area.  It was a warm day, but not hot, and the mosquitoes were scarce, so it was quite comfortable walking through the woods on our photo shoot.  AC was loaded down with all his gear, and stopped often along the route to take pics.
Getting that perfect close-up
This little guy graced our picnic table, and I was amazed to get his pic with his wings open. 
We almost missed this little guy sitting on top of a side along the path.  I had no idea Tree Frogs were so little

The butterfly and tree frog were an added bonus to our photo shoot, as the main reason for our visit to the area were  the Lady Slippers in full bloom in the woods.  

They put on a beautiful display

Our last stop at a scenic lookout before heading home. 
It was a beautiful quiet day, and refreshed us body and soul.  Now we have to get ready for one more week of babysitting before school it out for the year.  Onward and forward....


Anvilcloud said...

Thumbs up for Sue the photog.

Unknown said...

I support the "thumbs up", but wanted to ask if Wheelers is the Pancake House for sale? We went by one on our way home last week, and there was nary a car and a big For Sale sign.

Cuppa said...

Lorna - Wheelers is really off the beaten path, so I don't think you would have driven by it on your travels. There was no talk of them selling the family business when we were there so it must have been another one for sale. I wonder which one you happened upon? Now I am curious. What road where you on?

Regenia said...

I think reading and seeing about your relaxing day rubbed off on me! Wonderful pictures, Sue!