Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Busy weekend

Yes, it was a busy, but fun weekend with the kids, and we gave our camera a workout, so here are a few more pics for you.

As soon as the parents left around noon on Saturday, we packed a picnic lunch and headed for a local park.  No sooner were we on our way, when it started to rain.  Groan!   We decided to change our plans and go to another park near the water, and eat our lunch in the car.  At least we could sit by the water while we munched our lunch.

While we were eating, the rain eased up, so the kids asked if they could finish their lunch outside.   We stayed in the warm, dry car, but the kids preferred the bench by the water.
They sat in the drizzle and didn't mind at all. 
The rain finally stopped completely, and the sky brightened.
After lunch, I stayed in the car to finish my coffee while AC took the kids for a walk along the water.
Dani found my favorite spot and stopped to take in the view. 
Then both kids were off to explore, while Buppa kept a close eye on them.

They found a perfect tree for climbing...
...and Buppa was there to take a picture or two.
Happy memories still linger in the air of a special weekend with the munchkins. 

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Regenia said...

What beautifully composed pictures! I can only imagine how tired you were!