Wednesday, June 04, 2014

The Dancer

Danica's fourth dance recital was this past weekend, and it was more fun than work for Amma, because Mommy came and did the dressing room duty, so I could sit upstairs and watch the whole show.  Yahoo! 
The dancer posed for a picture with Amma before the show began. 
What a sparkly ballerina she was.  She has lost her two front teeth, so we are getting closed mouth smiles these days.
In the group
Oh, there's a cute smile.
Total concentration.
Perfect hands.
Next came her highland dance.  Jumping high in the air
This dance also requires perfect fingers, and pointed toes.
One arm up...
...then both arms up, and jump, jump, jump. 

Lots of wonderful memories were made.

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Andrea said...

What a beautiful ballerina.