Sunday, June 01, 2014

Hi, this is my caterpillar Carl, and my other caterpillar Carl.

JJ and his neighbourhood chums are into collecting caterpillars.  We have gone through numerous plastic containers every day after school to keep the caterpillars safe.  When JJ came for a sleepover this weekend, we went to the $$ Store to get a proper bug-box. 
JJ is very pleased with the new bug-box.
He came to the door to show us the latest captive.  He informed us that his caterpillar's name was Carl.
Carl liked to come out of the box and crawl around on JJ's hand.
JJ thought this was great fun.
He was very gentle with his new friend
Later in the afternoon he found another caterpillar, and named him Carl too.    What a hoot. 
He played with the caterpillars until bedtime, then set them free, or at least we thought we set them free.  First thing this morning he was out checking the bug box to see what his friends were up to., and amazingly, there were still in the box, even though we opened the door to the box last night, and put the box in the back garden. We are getting ready to go out for a walk this morning, and I am sure the hunt for more caterpillars will be on the agenda.

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