Friday, March 01, 2013

Snowy Adventure

We had a huge dumping of snow on Wednesday, so the world was blanketed in tons of the fluffy white stuff yesterday, and seemed to be a perfect day to head to the park to take some pictures.  The last time AC and I were there, we were greeted by Chickadees looking for a treat.  Sadly we didn't have any to offer them, but resolved to bring treats for the birds the next time we visited.  So with birdseed, fruit slices and peanut butter in hand, we picked JJ up early from daycare, and as soon as Dani got off the school bus we headed to the park for an adventure.
There was already a path worn in the deep snow, so we set off single file into the woods
We followed the path through the woods, and along the water's edge.
JJ lagged behind from time to time...
...but soon caught up to us again.
We soon arrived at our destination, and once we cleared the snow off the picnic table, I dug into my bag of ticks to find some treats for the birds. 
I think we might have been making too much noise, because we didn't see one bird.  We could hear them chirping deeper in the woods, but they kept their distance from us.  Sigh!  Oh well, the kids had fun making a snowman, and we all enjoyed our walk in the snowy woods. 
Stay tuned for more pictures of our finished snowman and of course a snow angel or two.

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