Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Birthday fun

Another year has come and gone, and birthday celebrations were the order of the day on Sunday
JJ came over for a BD hug...
...then moved back to the chip bowl for a munchie or two.
Danica was in a rockin' mood, so no smiles were put on for the camera.
She settled in to help me open my present and read the card though.
She modeled the dress...
But let me get my hands on the sweater. 
We had a Barbie fashion show...
then waited for dinner
JJ showed me how his new computer worked...
Then we got ready for cake and ice cream..   I had lots of help to blow out the candles. 


Mary said...

Happy Belated, Sue! I have to say you look absolutely stunning in these pictures. 66 looks good on you! Hope you had a wonderful day.

It sure would be great to celebrate sometime. Ben and I miss you guys.

Much love, Sue.

Cuppa said...

Mary - Thanks for the BD greetings. So nice to hear that I look "stunning" at 66. You are too sweet.
My hairdresser suggested I grow my hair out as an experiment last fall, so it has been doing its own thing all winter and is finally settling into a style I can handle. It is nice for a change, but don't know what I'll do when the summer frizzies set in. Yikes!
Come on down for a visit any time you have a free weekend. We would love to see you.