Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Walk with a Superhero

The wind was cold yesterday, but the sunshine was bright, and the streets were mostly clear of snow and ice, so we took JJ out for an after lunch walk.
He stopped in front of a wet patch on the sidewalk, closed his eyes and folded his hands.
What are you doing JJ? I asked
I'm concentrating.  He replied.
He did this in front of every obstacle along the route, then in true Superhero form, he jumped across puddles, climbed snow-hills, and moved clumps of ice with ease.
From time to time he did need a helping hand from Amma...
...but mostly managed just fine on his own.
Moving snow from here to there.
Digging for buried treasure on the front Lawn.

Conquering the electrical box
Throwing snow balls.
It was a fun walk with a Superhero.


Bernie said...

I so enjoy seeing pictures of your grandchildren Sue, they always bring a smile to my face, xo

Cuppa said...

Glad you enjoy the pics too. These kids are fun to be around, and bring sunshine with them every day.