Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Boat Dock

We took the kids to the boat dock the other day, to dangle their feet in the water, and soak up some sunshine.  When we got there were discovered another family already on the dock doing some fishing.

We stopped to say hello, then Buppa and JJ walked on down the dock to the other end.
Not Smudge though, she stayed for a visit with the other family.
JJ sat quietly with Buppa...
Dangled his feet in the water, and enjoyed himself.
Smudge on the other hand, stayed with the other family, and asked to borrow their fishing rods.
I insisted in the nicest way possible, that she should give the other family some space, and join JJ and Buppa.
She grudgingly consented, and eventually joined them at the end of the dock, and watched the dragon boat races with them.

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