Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Stewart Park

The day before Smudge's surgery last week we took the kids to Stewart Park in Perth.  We spent the morning at the Park so the kids could play on the equipment.
At the top looking down...
At the bottom looking up!
Time for a break and some lunch.
Then back to the slide for more fun.
Here JJ is going UP the slide instead of coming down.
Then we went for a walk across the park to find the water.
We came home for some rest time before heading over to the neighbour's pool for one last swim before surgery day.  Amma was trying to sleep, but a certain rascal thought it was great fun to climb on the couch with Amma.
She is trying her best to rest...but we didn't have much luck.  Soon it was time to go for a swim.  

Sheesh, what a scamp!

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