Friday, October 28, 2011

Windy walk

JJ has been spending the day at our house most of the day for the past little while because Mommy has been sick, and tasks like getting the fence repaired and plumbing work done, have required us to be at home to deal with workmen.

We are happy to report that it has worked out well for everyone. Mommy has had a quiet house to rest in, JJ has enjoyed playing with Mommy's and Auntie Ally's old toys, and we have enjoyed being home for most of the day.

Another treat has been our morning walk with the little nipper. He sets off at great speed to the end of the driveway, then stops and waits for us.
At some points he rushes ahead of us...
but mostly he dawdles, and needs encouragement to turn around and walk in the right direction.
He talks non-stop during the whole excursion, examines cracks in the sidewalk, bugs crawling up lamp posts, leaves blowing across the path, and anything else that might catch his attention. Neighbours out working in their yards get a cherry hello, dogs get a wide berth at first, but if the owners agree, they get a pat on the head.

The other day he was quite intrigued with his shadow, and how amazing it was that it followed him or walked backward in front of him for the whole walk. He laughed when it waved back at him when he waved, or lifted its foot just like he did. We played games trying to walk on each others shadows or grab them and make them stay put. Total fun for all of us.

Lots of happy memories are being made with this little guy. I wonder what new discoveries he will make tomorrow? I can't wait to share them with him.


Mary said...

This is lovely. I'd love to share a morning walk with you. Perhaps over the Christmas holidays we can find some time to walk in the woods at Riverwood.

Cuppa said...

Mary - that sounds wonderful. I'll dust off my snowshoes and look forward to it.