Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Monday morning smiles

I usually go over to the kid's place alone in the mornings and get Smudge on the bus, then settle in for a morning with JJ at his house. AC takes over after lunch for the pm shift, and I head home for some me-time.

Daddy was on his own Monday morning and we thought he might need some extra help getting things organized, so AC and I both went over a tad early to help out. Smudge was very happy to see Buppa, and snuggled in for some major hugs...
before Buppa took her to the bus stop. JJ stayed home with Amma, but posed for a picture before Buppa and Smudge headed out the door.
It makes it a lot easier when Buppa comes over to help on these blustery mornings so I don't have to get JJ up and dressed in rain gear or other duds when he would much rather sleep-in and putter over breakfast on most mornings.

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