Thursday, October 06, 2011

Barbies and Bows

One of the last minute jobs I do each morning, now that Smudge goes to school every day, is fix her hair before she heads out the door to catch the school bus. We usually put it in a pony tail or poodle ears, but whatever we do, we always top it off with a bow.

We were ready early this one morning, so Smudge had time to play with her Barbies before it was time to leave. JJ joined her, and if you look closely...
you will see that he had to have a bow in his hair too. Seeing as his hair is only about half an inch long it is darn hard to get an elastic and bow in his hair, but he insists, so I do my best. We haven't yet managed poodle ears though.
When it is time to go to the bus stop, Smudge runs down the street to greet her friends...
and JJ, with bow firmly in place, follows closely behind.

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