Tuesday, October 18, 2011


The day we set off on our trip to Riverwood for Thanksgiving weekend dawned sunny and warm. I threw our coats in the car, but we sure didn't need them. We had blue skies and warm temps all weekend.

We took the back roads for the entire route, and were treated to a twisting ribbon of highway winding through rolling hills full of colour.
I snapped lots of photos from the car window, but most were too blurry to post, and none showed the vividness of the colour. Here are a few to give you a hint of the scenery along the way.

We stopped often to take pictures...
and then hit the road again....
for many many miles.
We saw the two beauties below, standing in the road as we zipped by. We stopped, backed up and caught them on the camera as they headed down a side road.
They stopped half way down the road, turned and looked at us, then high-tailed it off into the woods. I hope they escape the hunter's rifle bullets as the hunting season is now upon us. Good luck guys!
We continued on our trip along the roads that touched the shores of many many lakes in the Kawartha region.
We pulled into the Hideaway restaurant in Coe Hill around dinner time and tucked into some delicious sandwiches for a late lunch/early dinner feast before driving the last few miles to the farm house. I like the blackboard wall used to display the menu choices for the week.
This row of bird houses beside the Hideaway caught our eye and was deemed picture worthy.More pictures to come tomorrow...say tuned.

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Lorna said...

I've never heard of Coe Hill, but I'd go for the blackboard place and the birdhouses.