Tuesday, July 19, 2011

What's cooking?

Smudge came to me the other morning complaining about a sore in her mouth. I couldn't see into the dark cavern of her mouth, so I put her on the counter and asked her to lay down with her head under the bright light above the stove so I could see better. I still couldn't see the sore in her mouth, but rubbed some Orajel around in the approximate vicinity of the sore and hoped that would do the trick. When I tried to lift Smudge down she asked to stay under the light for a little while longer because she quite liked it up there and it was helping her mouth feel better.
You-know-who didn't have a sore mouth, but he had to have a turn under the light too.
The next day Smudge complained again about her sore mouth and wanted me to look at it under the bright stove light. This time JJ joined her for the exam. I did manage to see a little canker sore so I put more Orajel on it and I didn't hear any more about her sore mouth.
See did however come to me later in the day and said she had a headache and perhaps some time under the light on the stove would help her feel better. I had quite a time convincing her that she didn't need to spend time under the light over the stove just because she had a headache. The only reason I put her up there was so I could see into her mouth.
Around and around and around we went about why the stove wasn't a place to go when you wanted a little rest. The next time I need a bright light I'll go in search of a flashlight.


Lorna said...

Great story, not at all diminished by its inevitability.

Mary said...