Tuesday, July 26, 2011

New additions to the family

No this is not a new addition to the family, even though it looks like it might be creature from outer space. It is Smudge all dress up to go swimming with Buppa.
The new addition, Asha, came out to inspect the strange looking creature.
Yes the kids have adopted two cats. Asha - 14 years old, and Abby - 3 years old. Asha is very friendly and is making herself right at home. Abby however is very skittery and spends most of her time in the basement under the couch.

When JJ got up from his nap, Asha was just getting ready for hers. JJ thinks having a cat around is fabulous indeed.
Especially when the cat allows him to pet her head.
Amma thought it was time for a nap too, and Asha decided that Amma's lap was the perfect place to curl up in.
Later on that day I went to the basement in search of Abby. She came out to say hello...
and even rolled over for a tummy scritch.
Goodness, Abby looks just like Rocky.

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Lorna said...

Cat people might find this hard to read. I am a cat people. I am also a fan of those bathing suits that are so cute they should be worn to Tim Hortons..