Thursday, July 21, 2011

Congratulations Kiddo!

Our little baby girl who had the wisdom of the ages in her eyes when she first entered the world, has just finished her Master's Degree!!!! Congratulations dear one.
She had a sparkle in her eyes as a toddler...
and such a sweet way about her. What a cutie.
I have always been a proud Momma, standing behind her and cheering her on in all her endeavours.
We have both changed a bit in our style and looks over the years, but...
the love never changes.
Congratulations baby girl on this very special day.


charlie's mom said...

Congratulations. I know that mothers love a day with this kind of news and it reminds of many others from Kindergarten to Brownies to whatever.

I want you to know that I noted your earrings perfectly matched your suit buttons at the grade eight graduation. Sooo you were a fashionista even back then !!

Cuppa said...

C'sM - Thanks for the congrats. My heart is just about bursting with pride!

What a hoot that you noticed my earrings. They were the most uncomfortable earrings I have ever had, but I put up with the pain because they did match the suit buttons perfectly.

Jinksy said...

That's one of the rewards for being a mum! Congratulations all round.♥

Anonymous said...

Thanks mom!! I still can't believe its all over!