Monday, July 25, 2011

For D2

We started our holidays on Friday, but we are not going on any grand and glorious trips this year. We will stay at home, enjoy lazy mornings on the front porch with the morning paper and a second cup of coffee, take picnic lunches to the park, and maybe go on a day trip or two if the fancy strikes us.

I know that D2 just loves to see pics of us at our various picnic spots so we had to take this pic for her. The sun was hot, but the breezes coming off the river made our shady picnic table the perfect spot for lunch on Saturday.
The Tim's coffee tastes extra special at the park.
The next picture is for Ben. I don't go very far without Roo these days. Yep, I'm lovin' it.
I don't know how faithful I will be posting pics on the blog for the next two weeks as we will be going where the wind takes us each day of our holiday. But I hope to get here most days with a picture or two.

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Bernie said...

Have a wonderful two weeks...Hugs