Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Walk home

Every day I enjoy a fabulous walk home from the kid's place, and the other day I thought I would take my camera along so you could join me for the trip. The sky was brilliant blue, the snow fresh and clean and the woods were full of birdsong. Oh joy! I wasn't the first person to walk this path, so the snow was broken but fairly deep and was a bit of a challenge to plough through.
The route starts almost at the kid's back door, and takes me through forest areas...

and out into open fields.
Eventually the path leads back out to a subdivision which you can see in the distance in the pic below, and
the second half of my walk takes me along paved streets through the subdivision and into the centre of town. The hike through the woods is the favorite part of the trek home, but I enjoy every minute of the walk, and am more than ready for my cup of tea when I finally arrive at my warm and cozy house on the other side of town.

It's amazing what I notice when I walk along the streets. I know every house that needs a new roof, who has trouble with icicles, who needs to paint their woodwork, who has a beautiful front door, who has a knack with curtains, who needs to shovel their front walk, etc. I would never notice these things zipping along in the car.

If I change my route just a tiny bit I will walk right past a small bookstore that sells fabulous coffee. I think I might stop there on the way home when the weather gets nicer but not during these winter months when I am so bundled up I just want to make a b-line for home, and not stop along the way. In the warmer weather though I might venture around and change my route a bit so I can stop in for a coffee and check out the new books on display.

Small town living is great. I can walk from one end of it to the other in 40 minutes and take in all sorts of delights along the way.


Bernie said...

That is what I was going to ask you Cuppa, how long a walk is it? You mentioned 40 minutes through town.....if it is not too cold I think it would be a great walk.

Cuppa said...

Bernie - Yes, it takes me 40 minutes walking at a fair clip to walk home from the kid's place. On a good day with clear sidewalks I can do it in 30, but lots of days with deep snow in the woods and slush on the town streets it can take me almost an hour.

The other day my face was stinging because the North wind was so cold, but usually I am toasty warm and feeling fine during the whole walk.