Thursday, February 10, 2011

Misty Morning

Oh the beauty of a winter morning.
I love this time of year!


Bernie said...

I agree cuppa, we can enjoy the days getting longer, the beautiful white blanket of snow all the while knowing Spring is right around the corner.....:-)Hugs

Mary said...

I second that! I'm a happier person, for sure, now that the sun is greeting us a little earlier in the mornings and staying longer at night.

Love this picture. It's beautiful!


Cuppa said...

Bernie - I do enjoy changing the setting on my automatic light timers at this time of year. With each passing week I have to set them to come on later and later. Oh joy!

Mary - We pass this park every morning on the way to Thesha's and the beauty is see there is Mother Nature's gift to me as I start each new day.