Thursday, December 23, 2010

Time out!

Some days the kids play nicely together, and other days they can't look at each other without setting each other off. When that happens, they both have to go to their separate rooms for a time-out. They have to sit on the carpet and stay put until I tell them they can get up. They can't play with any toys, and they have to sit quietly. Usually for about a minute or so. That's long enough for kids this age. They quiet down, regroup and play nicely again.
The other day Smudge wanted Buppa to take a picture of her while she was in her time-out. I just love the way her little hands are folded together while she waits patiently for the word that she can come out and play again.


Lorna said...

Aren't you worried that your excessive cruelty will traumatize the tykes?

Bernie said...

She looks so innocent.....:-)Hugs