Monday, December 06, 2010

Making the most of a dusting!

Another Monday morning, and all are healthy at our house again. Hope we stay that way!

So far we have only had a light dusting of snow in our area, but the kids made the most of it. One day last week when they started to feel better Smudge asked to go out and play. I thought the fresh air would be good for her, so I struggled with snowsuit, boots, mittens, and hat, and finally got her out the door. I then had to go through the whole routine again to get Jboy ready for the great outdoors. By the time he was all suited up and ready to go, Smudge was already down the steps and in the backyard. I sent Jboy out the door and went back to get my sweater and boots to help him down the stairs, as he could hardly move or see where he was going. By the time I got back to the door I saw that Smudge had come back up the stairs to help her brother down them. Warmed my heart it did! She was holding his hand as tightly as she could and was encouraging him to hold on tight to the rail with his other hand.
Once they were both safely in the yard I hunted up the only two shovels I could find, and they set to work clearing the snow. Jboy could hardly manage his, but he had fun dragging it around the yard.
They soon came back up on the deck and I shoveled the little bit of snow we had up there into a pile for them, and Smudge attempted to make a snowman. She didn't have much to work with, but had fun anyway. She came to the door and asked me for a carrot for a nose for Frosty, so I peeled one and gave her a small piece for her tiny snowman. She promptly ate the nose and continued her building.
Jboy puttered around looking cute but wasn't quite sure what to do. He could hardly bend over and moving was a tad difficult, so he soon clamored at the door to come in.
Smudge followed soon behind him, all rosy cheeked and fresh. I hope we have a lot of snowy, sunny days for them to play in this winter. I am sure that getting outside to play will help to keep them healthy and happy. It will give me lots of exercise bending and stretching to get them suited up if nothing else. Oh joy!


Lorna said...

I love that stuffed, awkward walk of a kid in a snowsuit. Have you ever watch Ralphie in A Christmas Story?

Cuppa said...

Lorna - no, I don't think I have ever seen A Christmas Story. Jboy sure has a stuffed waddle look though. Don't know if he could get up if he fell on his back. It's no wonder he wants to come back inside after only a few minutes.