Monday, December 20, 2010

Made me laugh...

The kids are usually in their pj's when I arrive in the mornings, so it is up to me to find an outfit for them to wear each day. My main focus for these wintry mornings is to find something warm and comfy, but I try to co-ordinate colours as best I can too. I have been known to get clothes mixed up and put Smudge's shorts on Jboy one day, but mostly I get it right.

Jboy has a little friend up the street who sends lots of hand-me-downs his way and most of the outfits are trendy and look great on him. This one however was a real hoot. It made me laugh right out loud when I saw him in it. I thought I would keep it on him just long enough to take a picture then find something else for him to wear...but...
Smudge thought it was a beautiful outfit and wanted something just at special to wear too. I knew it would be hard to find something as fantastic as Jboy's outfit, but we went on a hunt in her cupboard and found just the ticket. A snow princess dress. Quite the pair aren't they. The snow princess and the bumble bee! He is singing and she is dancing!
They danced around the bedroom for a while, sang a few songs, then Smudge took this picture of Jboy, before we went on a hunt for better outfits for both of them.
Did I ever mention that there is never a dull moment with these two? I had better go recharge the battery for my camera.

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Bernie said...

I am still smiling cuppa, what fun you are having.....:-)Hugs