Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Santa Claus Parade 2010

After we finished decorating the tree, we all bundled up in our warm clothes and headed downtown for the Santa Claus Parade. Smudge was all decked out in her Santa hat and ready for the fun to begin.
Jboy on the other hand was not too happy about the whole affair. Just as we got there a big fire truck went by with lights flashing and blasted its siren. That set Jboy off and he wasn't a happy camper at all.
Daddy had to take him away from the action for a while, and the Mommy and I stood along the parade route with Smudge. AC will be posting more pics on his blog soon so be sure to check it out too.
It was a cold night, but we were toasty and warm in our fur hats.
Soon it was time to go home and continue to party in the warmth.

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