Thursday, June 03, 2010

Super Heroes

While Jboy was having a nap yesterday, Buppa went out to work in the garden,and Smudge decided to help him. Buppa dug up plants to thin them out and share them with the neighbours, and Smudge helped him water.
Seeing as she was so afraid to get wet the other day Buppa was happy to let her play with the hose. She gave the gardens a thorough soaking, and then soaked herself. She was having a blast...
when her little friend Evan came over to help her garden...and surprise, surprise... they both got soaking wet. Soon they each asked for a towel to dry off a bit.
The next thing I knew they were both running down the lawn shouting "We're Super Heroes"
They stopped long enough to pose for a picture...
then they were off running again.
Cute, cute, cute, cute, cute!


Melodee said...

So cute! Lovely day, lovely ages!

Mary said...

Too cute!