Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Weekend in the country

This past weekend we had a little family gathering at this most beautiful house in the woods.
Brother and Sister-in-law were the hosts and they treated us royally.
The T's joined us for the evening...
and while Brother dearest took them on a tour of the property...
SIL prepared dinner.
Being the good SIL that I am, after I posed for this picture with my brother...
I went back up to the house to cheer on the cook. I offered to help, but she insisted I sit back, relax and sip wine. I didn't argue!
The tour of the grounds soon ended and Sister and BIL joined us on the deck...
while SIL tended to the BBQ.
We all enjoyed the most delicious and dinner and shared lots of laughter.
Thanks for a wonderful visit L and MA. We had a great time.

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