Thursday, June 10, 2010

Our afternoon entertainment

Smudge sits quietly at her Dora desk playing with a pot lid and a pair of tongs. I managed to get two barrettes in her hair and they stayed there for about two minutes. Sigh!
Her hair looks so cute like this but it is oh so fleeting. I think it is time for another haircut.
While Smudge is engrossed with the pot lid and tongs, Jboy runs around in his latest disguise.
Smudge looks up to see what in the world he is doing...
...and thinks Brother is being pretty funny.
Jboy stops to remove his disguise and enjoys the laugh too.
Smudge goes back to her important work...
...and Jboy comes over to investigate what she is doing.
Important, important work!
Looking cute and entertaining Amma and Buppa!

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