Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Trip to the library

It was a steamy hot day, so we thought we would take the kids to the air conditioned library for a little outing last week. Once we got there we lined up three fun chairs for them, but wouldn't you know they both wanted the same chair. Jboy is NOT a happy camper in the pic below.
We convinced Smudge to move to the Ikea chair and Jboy was quite happy to take up residence in the rocking chair.
Now that Smudge and her friends, Curious George and Gorilla, are in the chair it is time to contemplate what book to read.
Jboy moved into the hand chair...
and Amma was asked to looked after Curious George and his friend the Gorilla.
Jboy then took up the task...
while Smudge checked out more books....
even the ones on the top shelf. The imp!
All in all a cool visit. I think we might spend many more hot afternoons in the cool library.

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Bernie said...

Hi Cuppa, I love popping over to read what the kids have been up to, I think they are so cute...Hugs