Saturday, May 08, 2010

Twisted Sister Treasures

AC and I celebrated MD today by going out for breakfast this morning then setting off on the Red Trillium Studio Tour this afternoon. My favorite jewelery designer, Jane Christie, is usually on this tour and her studio is always our first stop.

This is one of her latest creations and... found its way home with me. Fabulous huh?
Happy, Happy MD to me!


Mary said...

A beautiful necklace for a beautiful woman! Happy Mother's Day, Sauntie.

Thinking of you.

Cuppa said...

Mary - Thanks for the MD wishes. We had a great day yesterday, and will head off to Shauna's for a MD dinner today. Party, party, party, all weekend.

Hope you and Ben get to the farm when the A Team is in town at the end of August so we can share hugs all around. Have you marked it down on your calendar? Aug 21-25th!

Bernie said...

I so love your necklace cuppa and happy to know you had a wonderful day.....:-) Hugs

Cuppa said...

Bernie - Thanks for the MD wishes. We had a really nice MD weekend and made lots of happy memories. Treasures indeed.