Tuesday, May 04, 2010

That's the way to garden

Smudge got a cute little garden set for her birthday and Jboy thought he would like to give gardening a whirl, so he promptly put the garden tool bag on his HEAD and went to the door.
He thought, and rightly so, that one needs a cool hat when one ventures out into the sunshine to tend to the flowers.
Weeds on the other hand cause him to hide his head and sigh!
When he had the bag on his head like this he could look down and see where his feet were going, and he walked around like this for quite some time. Too funny!


Bernie said...

Too precious as well....:-)Hugs

Jinksy said...

I remember my small son loving to get inside large cardboard boxes then making them appear to crawl around the room - must be a boy thing! :)

Cuppa said...

Bernie - gotta love the fashion flare huh?

Jinksy - Boys do have their own way of having fun.