Monday, May 03, 2010

We did bring apples

On a bright and sunny day last week we bundled the kids into the car and set off for a drive in the country. Smudge had a bag of apples clasped tightly in her little hands for the horses, and she chatted happily about seeing the horses as we drove along. We passed number of farms that had horses in the field, but they were corralled quite a distance from the road. Smudge wanted to stop and "get down", but we were making a b-line for this farm, and our two favorite horses. When we pulled the car up to the fence the horses were on the other side of the yard, but as soon as they saw us they came galloping over to see us. How neat!

Smudge put her bag of apples down on the ground to fish one out for them...
and they watched her closely.
It was Buppa who had to give the apples to the horses though. Smudge was just a bit tentative. She was quite taken with their big teeth and the way they moved their mouths as they chewed the apples.
Jboy wasn't sure what he thought of the beasts. He leaned into Buppa and didn't want to get too close.
Once the apples were all gone, Smudge rooted around on the ground for straw for the horses and was quite
thrilled that the horses bent their heads towards her...
and seemed interested in her offerings.
Time to say good bye. See you later gentle beasts. We'll bring more apples for you next time.
What beautiful animals they are.

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