Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Wednesday afternoon visit

We left the hospital around 6am this morning, (Wednesday)but went back around noon so Grandpa could meet the little guy. The first order of business was to say hello to his little princess though. She is always happy to see Grandpa.
She wasn't too aware of what was going on, but did reach out for the baby a few times and tried to stroke his head while saying "Nice"! She was more interested in pushing buttons on Mommy's bed and running around the room, than visiting with her new brother.
We were tempted to call CB "Big Red" today because he still hasn't had a bath, and whatever is on his hair makes it look red at times.
Hopefully he will have a bath by the time we get to the hospital tomorrow and we will be able to see the reall colour of his hair.
Mommy and Baby slept most of today away. Grandma plans on doing just that right now. Yawn!

Talk to you again tomorrow.

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