Friday, February 06, 2009

Thursday Visit

Mommy and Chillbaby come home today (Friday), and we are all very happy about that, but they had a very spacious private room that made visiting them quite nice for all of us, even Smudge. As you might be able to tell from this picture, it was a huge "U" shaped room. One arm of the "U" had an extra bed for a family member to sleep over in if they wanted to,(that is where Smudge is standing in this pic). The bottom of the "U" had a bathroom with a private shower, (you can see the sink by the bathroom door on the left of this pic), and the other arm of the "U"(where I am standing to take the pic) had three large easy chairs, bedside tables, a bed for mommy and a bed/change unit for baby. Smudge had lots of room to run and play, and quite enjoyed playing hide and seek behind the curtain.
But in spite of all the room she had to frolic, where do you think she choose to spend a lot of her time?
In the space between Mommy's mattress and the headboard of her bed!!!!! What a kid!
Grandpa and I went back for a visit in the evening, and I got to have another snuggle with Chillbaby. Isn't he cute?

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Jinksy said...

Thanks for my 'baby smiley face' I'm wearing at the moment - I love 'em! x(babies, I mean)