Friday, February 20, 2009

Second Week Doctor's Visit

And Chillbaby continues to live up to his name. Grandpa stayed home with Smudge while Mommy and Grandma took CB for his doctor's visit. Not a peep came out of him during the whole visit. Not a peep!! Mommy undressed him, the doctor examined him, then...
the nurse took him over to the cold scale to be weighed - 9lbs 1oz - and he didn't make a peep. What a good boy.
After the doctor's visit we took him shopping and then stopped at our favorite spot for coffee. CB continued to chill out, and Mommy and Grandma had a nice relaxing visit.
Then it was back home so CB could stretch out and really chill after his busy afternoon.
He is the most amazing Baby Boy ever. Of course Smudge is the most amazing Baby Girl ever.

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dmmgmfm said...

Chillbaby really does live up to his name. My son was like that as well, and at age 26, is still the easiest going person you will ever meet. Lucky us!