Sunday, February 22, 2009

Baby Faces

AC and I have been a bit under the weather this weekend so haven't seen the kids for a couple of days now. We didn't want to take the flu bug over to their house if that was what was hanging around here, so we stayed away from the babies. Heads and stomachs feel better now and we are overdue for a hug or two, so will head over later today for a top up of hugs and love.

It is the Oscars tonight, so I must plan my outfit, dust of my tiara and get ready for the big party as Thesha's tonight. AC and I will take our pj's and sleep over at the kid's place, so we can drink wine and celebrate merrily without a worry about the drive home in the middle of the night. What fun.

Here are a few pictures from last week to tide you over until we get more today.
Two Weeks Old

Two Weeks Old

Two Weeks Old

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Jinksy said...

Sheesh! That last one just made me yawn too! Thanks, Zach