Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Smiles all around

Oh, found a shot taken before the ceremony. We were not allowed to see D3 at this point, so someone took this shot of Mom with D1 and D2.
It was the most beautiful and amazing day. Very hot, but not a speck of rain fell, and the bugs went somewhere else to play, so we weren't swatting at the pesky blighters at all.


Dora said...

I look forward to more pictures - you all three look lovely.

Weddings are such an incredibly emotionally happy time and I can't wait to hear all about this one.

Share more, please.

Cuppa said...

Dora - thanks. As soon as we get our pictures back from the girls this weekend I am sure we will be posting lots, and lots, and lots.

For now I am trying to round up as many as I can to share with everyone anxiously waiting to see D3's dress, D2's outfit, and get a peek at what went on this weekend. It was absolutely beautiful.

Mary said...

i really love this picture. the three of you look absolutely incredible!