Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Happy Couple

D2 and D3 under the chuppah. David ( the officiant) is singing one of the seven blessings during the ceremony. Every part of the ceremony was full of meaning and most beautiful. The chuppah the girls are standing under consisted of two parts. The green cloth was made and decorated in Vancouver by their circle of friends there. On top of that was D3's dad's prayer shawl.

The Happy Couple on the way to the Playner Mill after the ceremony

Dancing the hora in the Playner Mill. What fun.
As the happy couple spun in the centre of the circle, friends and relatives danced in circles around them. Total, total, fun! After all that gaiety, the wedding party went off for official pictures and the guests stayed at the Playner Mill to relax, sip a cool drink, and munch on a delicious tidbit of food.


Mary said...

these pictures are great!

looks like soooo much fun went down! i so wish i could have been there.

can't wait for more!


Jules said...

Looks like it was an awesome wedding! Everyone is having a great time! I LOVE the dress - it would be amazing to dance around in.