Monday, August 25, 2008

First of many

We are home and are now enjoying the after-glow of a most marvelous weekend. We took hundreds of great pictures, but left them all with the girls this week, so I only have a few shots on my camera that were taken after the last upload. I thought you would want to see them anyway, so here they are - the first of many.

This is Sunday morning in the Playner Mill. We all gathered to watch the happy couple open gifts before we set off for home.

One of Uncle Brian's photos of the farm brought squeals of delight from both girls.

What a funky toaster!

Chillin' with a cold beer, in Ben's cool chairs. Wish you guys could have been there Benmar and Sare. We REALLY missed you.

View from the Playner Mill window.

The morning after.

Smudge was one tired Pumpkin at the end of a very busy day, and enjoyed having a dance with Auntie before being trundled off to bed.

The Art Gallery of Northern Ontario.

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