Thursday, December 14, 2006

Sanity Stroll

The world continues to tilt and whirl at an ever increasing speed as the holiday draws closer, and some days it spins so fast I want to yell – STOP, let me off! I can't make the world stop, but I can choose to remove myself from the hustle and bustle for awhile and that is exactly what I did the other day.

AC and I bundled up, grabbed the camera and headed for our walking path near the river. I always find tranquillity there.
Early December Snow2
It was very cold, but we dressed for it and were snug and warm in spite of the blustery winds. Ahh, I could feel the peace and calm soaking into the core of my being as we walked in the quiet woods. The sweet sanity of nature washed over me and I returned from our walk refreshed and energized.

Early December Snow1
Above is a picture of the place along the path in the woods where the river overflows its banks when the water is high. Pretty isn't it?

If the pace of the season is threatening to throw you off your feet, grab Mother Nature's hand and go for a walk in her woods. It is amazing what she will do for you if you will let her.


Gina said...

Very pretty!

Heather Plett said...

A lovely reminder to find moments of stillness. Unfortunately, they're hard to find these days.

methatiam said...

No woods.
I'll have to settle for a stroll through her dust patches.

Cuppa said...

Gina - it is isn't it? I love our little walking path.

Heather - they sure are hard to find, but there is usually one or two hiding outside somewhere.

methatiam - No woods you say? Dust patches and catcus might not be quiet as calming I must admit. Hmm?

Desert sunrises and sunsets are pretty spectacular and a walk outside in the cool of day under those skies would be quite the treat. Mother's magic comes in different packages in different parts of the country that is for sure. Hope you find some it no matter what your path looks like.

Cathy said...

Cuppa, it's been a very long time since I've truly walked through a winter woods. Your pictures brought it back. I could feel the serenity, the place where you can draw a deep breath, stand and listen and wait.

luna pie said...

Ahhhhhhh. Beautiful! You finally got a little bit of snow?

I'm dreamin' of a white Christmas... :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, what beautiful pictures! Wow! Just... wow!



Norma said...

Wonderful photos. I walked a bit last week too, but it was in the upper 50s (F).

Mary said...

i want the snow to come back!

your pics are beautiful. love them!

and........ben and i may be coming to the farm for new years! we're not entirely sure, but it's pretty much a go!

merry christmas cuppa!