Saturday, December 23, 2006

Early Christmas

Today is the day to cook the turkey, so AC and I were up early to prepare the stuffing and get the Old Bird ready for the oven. We make a really good team. AC sits at the kitchen table and chops bread, apples, onions, and celery while I bustle around gathering spices, broth, butter and other assorted things to add to the mixture. I stuff the bird, AC pops it in the oven and we both enjoy the aroma for the rest of the day. MMMMM good.

Christmas music is playing, turkey is cooking, and AC just went out to get our lunch so I have a few minutes to relax, say hello, and post a few pictures of the Early Christmas celebrations we enjoyed with Puff and Bug last weekend. AC has posted lots more pictures here.

Christmas 3
Bug and Puff wanted to try their hand at playing the fiddle and the bodhran. They actually did ok.

Don't you love the hair dos? They both had dreads (sp?) put in just before they left Thailand. Puff had very long dreads woven with blue threads on either side of her head and Bug had short dreads woven with yellow and red orange looking wool on top of her head.

Christmas 8
Daughters number one, two and three. See the fingers?

Christmas 13
Bug got a new Batman T-shirt for Christmas. Quite the high fashion pose huh?

Christmas 17
Butterfly is really pleased with a new blouse she got for her birthday.

Oh, AC is home with lunch. Must run. Will try to post more thoughts tomorrow.


Mary said...

love the pictures!!!!!

ben and i miss you all so so much

merry christmas!

Ginnie said...

What a wonderful family. I feel like you are neighbors since I've been commenting back and forth with AC for about 6 months. I'm glad to find your Blog.

Maya's Granny said...

Wonderful post. The girls all look great.

Merry Christmas.