Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Holiday Train

I finished the gift wrapping this afternoon and have a few minutes to spare before I have to get ready to head out the door for our Line Dancing Christmas Pot Luck dinner tonight, so thought I would take advantage of this time to post a few pictures of the Holiday Train's visit this past weekend. It arrived in our little town on Saturday night and AC and I were there to greet it with toe tapping joy.

It was a cold cold night, but we bundled up and had toasty warm toes in spite of frosty cold noses.

Above is a shot taken through the crowd as the light of the train approached. I think the whole town was there.

Below you can see some of the lights on the cars as it got closer to us.

Again this year we lucked out and happened to be standing right in front of the stage car when the train stopped. When the stage car doors opened and the frosty air cleared there was Santa singing us a song. The crowd clapped and cheered and Santa rocked on in song.

AC and I both had our cameras at the ready and snapped pictures with abandon. Because of the low light not many of them turned out, but we both managed to get a few shots to share with you. Be sure to check out AC's blog for more pics.

We had fun singing and dancing along with the performers on the train, we met friends and neighbours there and wished them a Merry Christmas, and most importantly the local food bank got a generous donation to its coffers. It was a great evening.

After the train pulled out of town we headed home for hot cocoa laced with Bailey's. It sure hit the spot and warmed us up beautifully after we had been standing out in the cold for two hours. MMMM good!

Well, I must run now. Hope you had a sunny day of the heart and found something to bring a smile to your face.

Talk to you all later.


Cathy said...

What great pictures capturing the frosty merriment of it all. Ummmm.
Hot cocoa with Bailey's. You two are so much fun :0)

Mary said...

i am getting so excited for christmas break. once exams are over i will be able to fully embrace this wonderful time of year!

i bet you are getting super excited about the a team arriving home! we just got another postcard from them. :)

how was line dancing...ben and i could use another dance to add to our large pool of dances...hehe...we would just love to see you guys over the break? are you making any trips up to the farm?

anyways, i think my excitment is making me blabber blabber...

so have a nice night, take care.

hugs, mar.

karla said...

It looks like Santa has quite the rock and roll setup, complete with a smoke show and lights!

Cuppa said...

Cathy - We did have a lot of fun that night. This is such a neat small town. We are lovin' it here.

Marm - I am sooooo excited about the A Team coming home - tomorrow!! yahoo! They are on the plane RIGHT NOW! Double yahoo!

Line dancin' was a blast. We have lots of new dances we could teach you.

I am not sure if we are spending New Year's Eve at the farm with the old folks like we did last year, but I think that is the plan.

Karla - Santa did have quite the set up, but he needs a new wardrobe man. As you will notice, he was having trouble with his belt.

luna pie said...

Awww... look at you snow bunnies!

Wow - the A Team is heading home!? The time really flew by! Hope you are enjoying the reunion!


Anonymous said...

sounds wonderful! love the pictures! hot cocoa laced with Bailey's....yum! I've never tried that mix...will give it a try.

Granny said...

What a wonderful evening for you!!

I just realized the train on your banner is a mirror image. Sometimes I'm a little slow but I get there.