Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Barley Shaker Concert

AC and I "donned our gay apparel" on Sunday night and headed for a most unique concert at the little Community Centre where the Celtic Jam's are held throughout the year. AC wrote a blog about the Jam's here. This concert featured The Barley Shakers group. Don't know where the name comes from, but they shook the rafters with their music and we had a blast. It was toe tapping hand clapping fun from beginning to end.

The main room of the Community Centre was all decked out with a huge decorated tree standing to one side of the stage at the front. A garland of white lights and greenery was draped across the ceiling and red and green garlands, bows and mittens were place on walls and window sills here and there. Very quaint indeed.

The Band was set up on stage and right at the front was a rocking chair draped with an afghan. When the show started a lady came out and sat in the rocker and knitted while the band played. She got up at certain intervals and lead us in singing a carol or two, and then she sang a solo or two and in between she sat front and centre in her rocking chair and knitted. While she was knitting she looked out at the audience and smiled and had a grand old time. It was....I am not sure how to describe it....let me just say it seemed to fit the evening perfectly.

Before the show started they sold 50/50 tickets to help raise money to keep the Community Centre open, so everyone bought tickets. One for $2 or $5 would get a roll of tickets as long as your arm. AC bought a roll of tickets as long as his arm and we won part of the pot. Four people won $20 each, and the rest of the pot went to the centre. They also had a draw for a door prize and AC and I won one of those too! Neat huh? We got a gift bag with two mugs, hot chocolate, and two boxes of chocolates in it. Wow!

The music was fabulous, the crowd warm and thoroughly into the show, the knitting lady very interesting, and the soloist...well, she tried hard. One lady in the band got up from time to time to step dance, and we clapped and cheered her on each time she did. What total delightful fun.

The evening was very Christmassy and made me all nostalgic for childhood Christmases past. I felt like I stepped back in time and it was a heart-warming memory filled step. Thank you Middleville for this most wonderful and unique Christmas Concert. I loved it.


methatiam said...

wow, can I come on the next one?

Cuppa said...

Sure, we would love to have you and Chelsea join us.

Cathy said...

It must be fun to win door prizes and 50/50 drawings. Once in all my 60 years I walked away with one of the center pieces:0) I have a neice who wins all the time. You do live in a wonderful place among people who know how to make these solstice days sparkle.

Cuppa said...

Yes Cathy we do live in a wonderful corner of the province and we are loving it here. It is so musical and that is what makes it different from any other place we have lived. No matter what the season, music is the frosting on every "cake" they serve. From the super talented to the less than talented but super enthused musician, everyone enters in.

What a treat to scoop up a big dollop of that delicious frosting and enjoy it at Maple Syrup Tapping Out Parties, pancake breakfasts, summer festivals, Santa Parades,Christmas concerts and just plain old Saturday afternoons all year long.

Anonymous said...

Iam in Florida soaking up the sun on my annual vacation.
It is heart warming to read your comments.
As you may know this community has worked very hard over the past frew years to bring entertainment for all the community to enjoy year round and looks like you hit the jackpot with this program.i can assure you that your council will be advised of this.
This fellowship happens only when we have strong leaders with the energy to go to the community and provide the facilities and programs that make this community so successful.
Keep up the good work.
Bob Sutcliffe
Ward 1